ShutterBall now up for Sale!

Hey, what’s going on guys, ThatTechGuy23 back again, and this time it’s time for the ShutterBall to be up for sale!

So, if you don’t know what the ShutterBall is, here is a new video to explain it all,

Update from the video, it will not be $40.00, it will be $30.00 plus $4.99 for Shipping+Handling.

Since WordPress is not very easy, there will only be links no buttons, so if you want too buy, you will have to use links I have prepared for you guys. So, please guys I hope you enjoy, we are adding many, many, more products soon!





Thanks for reading, and make sure to tell everyone about ShutterBall! Tweet me all of your pictures of you and your ShutterBall on my Twitter! (@ThatTechGuy23)

COMPATIBLE WITH ONLY iPhone 4S+, and Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note II, and Samsung Galaxy Note III

UPDATE: If this hyperlinks are not working at the moment as it is for some people, use these links instead. This will not be hyperlinked, this will be a copy, and paste FYI.

Black ShutterBall:

Blue ShutterBall:

Green ShutterBall:

Pink ShutterBall:


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